Bihar Land Records - Bhumi Jankari, Bihar Bhulekh, Khasra Details, Khetani Details, Jamabandi of Bihar

In the heart of India lies Bihar, a state rich in culture, history, and agricultural heritage. One of the most vital aspects of Bihar's rural economy is its land. Land records in Bihar play a pivotal role in maintaining and preserving information about land ownership and transactions. In this article, we will delve into the world of Bihar Land Records, also known as "bhulekh," "bhumi jankari," and explore the Khasra details, Khetani details, and Jamabandi records of Bihar.

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Understanding Bihar Land Records

What are Bihar Land Records?

Bihar Land Records, often referred to as "bhulekh" or "bhumi jankari," are an organized compilation of data related to land and property within the state. These records contain vital information about land ownership, land type, land area, and historical transactions associated with the land.

The Significance of Bihar Land Records

Land records serve as the backbone of any land-related transaction. They provide a transparent and legal framework for documenting property rights, making them indispensable for property buyers, sellers, and farmers. Furthermore, they play a pivotal role in maintaining social and economic order in rural areas.

Bhumi Jankari: A Digital Initiative

In a commendable move towards digitization, the Bihar government has launched the Bhumi Jankari portal. This digital initiative makes it easier than ever for residents to access their land records online. With the Bhumi Jankari portal, people can obtain essential information about their land without the need for time-consuming visits to government offices.

Accessing Bihar Land Records Online

Accessing Bihar Land Records is a straightforward process with the Bhumi Jankari portal. Residents can access these records by following simple steps, including providing essential details such as the name of the district, sub-division, and mouza. The portal ensures that the information is easily accessible to the public while maintaining data accuracy.

Khasra Details

Khasra details are an integral part of Bihar Land Records. They provide information about land area, land type, and landowner details. Khasra records are vital for understanding the geography and demography of rural Bihar.

Khetani Details

Khetani details, on the other hand, offer insights into land cultivation. These records contain information about the type of crops grown on the land, the quality of the land, and other agricultural specifics. Khetani details are indispensable for farmers and agricultural researchers.

Jamabandi of Bihar

What is Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is a critical component of Bihar Land Records. It is a legal document that contains details of land ownership, land area, and land usage. A Jamabandi record provides a comprehensive view of the land, making it an essential reference for land transactions.

How to Obtain Jamabandi Records

Obtaining Jamabandi records is now a hassle-free process thanks to the Bhumi Jankari portal. By simply entering the relevant details, landowners and interested parties can access Jamabandi records with ease.

The Importance of Land Records

Land records are not only vital for property transactions but also serve as a critical source of information for planning and development. Government authorities use these records for land reforms, tax assessments, and infrastructure development projects.

How to Correct Land Records

Inaccuracies in land records can lead to legal disputes and conflicts. The Bhumi Jankari portal also provides a mechanism for landowners to correct any errors in their land records. This ensures that the information remains accurate and up to date.

Land Records for Agricultural Purposes

For farmers, land records are more than just legal documents. They serve as a roadmap for making informed decisions about crop selection, land use, and agricultural planning. Access to Khasra and Khetani details empowers farmers to optimize their agricultural practices.


In conclusion, Bihar Land Records, encompassing bhulekh, bhumi jankari, Khasra details, Khetani details, and Jamabandi records, are the cornerstone of land-related transactions in Bihar. These records not only provide transparency and legality to landownership but also play a crucial role in the state's rural economy and development.

For more information and access to Bihar Land Records, visit the Bhumi Jankari portal and get the information you need quickly and conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I access Bihar Land Records online?

To access Bihar Land Records online, visit the Bhumi Jankari portal, enter the required details, and obtain the information you need.

2. What information can I find in Khasra and Khetani details?

Khasra details provide information about land area, type, and ownership, while Khetani details offer insights into land cultivation and crop types.

3. Why are land records important for farmers?

Land records are vital for farmers as they help in making informed decisions about land use, crop selection, and agricultural planning.

4. What is the process for correcting land records?

Landowners can correct land records through the Bhumi Jankari portal, ensuring that their records are accurate and up to date.

5. Are Bihar Land Records publicly accessible?

Yes, Bihar Land Records are publicly accessible through the Bhumi Jankari portal, making it convenient for residents to obtain essential land-related information.

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